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Custom Printed Heat Shrink Markers

Ordering heat shrinkable wire markers has never been easier and more cost effective. Why buy expensive printing equipment to make wire markers, when you can order them from us today, and have them tomorrow?

Cable Markers Company has been in the wire marker business since 1960. We've pioneered many of the processes used in our industry today.

Depending on your job requirements, we will either produce hot stamped or thermal transfer printed shrink markers. Both meet Mil-Spec standard MIL-M-81531 (SAEAS81531) for mark permanence. Your products are important to you, so order your shrink markers from the identification experts! Here's how...

Send your drawing or write to us explaining your shrink marker needs and our printing experts will design your markers to your exact specifications.

We'll produce your heat shrink markers on our state of the art equipment, assuring you recieve the highest quality products available today.

Before we ship your order, our quality control department will assure that we send markers that are correct and within the stated tolerances.

Place your order early and you could have custom printed markers delivered to your company the next business day!
What do we need from you?

It's always best to provide us with your company's detailed drawing with part numbers for each unique marker legend. Often, a drawing isn't available, or is still in the process of being made. Not a problem! Here's a break down of our internal numbering system to help you understand how we see your shrink marker jobs on our end.
Shrink Marker StructureType of tubing - Being able to either hot stamp or thermal transfer print your shrink markers allows us to print on almost any formulation of tubing and sleeving

Size of tubing - 3/64" to 4" Diameter Sleeving

Color of tubing - We use the mil-spec color numbering system. See chart to the right

Length of marker - We can print any length you'd like. Please provide length in inches.

Print color - Black, White, Red, Blue, Green,
Yellow, Gray, Silver, Bronze, Gold, Copper

we accept credit cards
Toll Free: 800.746.7655Fax: 949.699.1642Email: sales@cablemarkers.com