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sumimark thermal  transfer printing system


The SumiMark® IV is a feature-rich, high performance thermal transfer marking system designed to print on continuous spools of SumiMark tubing materials. Its new design provides excellent reliability and optimum ease of use. The SumiMark IV produces a dry, permanent mark which can be handled as soon as it is printed. After recovery, printed SumiMark sleeves meet the exacting MIL-spec mark permanence requirements for abrasion and solvent resistance. The combination of the SumiMark IV printer, SumiMark tubing, and SumiMark ribbon provides a unique, high quality marker printing system

Smaller frame conserves space and allows for easy mobility and placement
Freestanding spool assembly with 360 degree RFID reader assures uninterrupted spooled tubing supply.
300 dpi print head ensures reliability and high quality text, graphics and barcodes.

All hardware components are made from high tensile strength aluminum and designed to provide years of service. State-of-the-art electromechanical innovations assure consisten print quality and long term reliability. The SumiMark IV includes a fully integrated in-line cutter which can provide full cutting or partial cutting for kitting purposes.

sumimark label on wireThe SumiMark IV integrated software is designed to be compatible with Windows XP and Vista (English Only). This software allows users to easily create text markers, graphics, logos, barcodes and sequential alpha or numeric markers. Scanned images, bitmaps or any true type font or style can be used to create customized markers.

The SumiMark software accepts ASCII, tab-delimited and Excel files for automatic conversion to wire lists for on-line processing or for placement in various project archives. Wire list files can be created, modified and saved from various locations then printed to the machine

Unlike pre-formatted products, the SumiMark IV can be programmed to create markers from 0.25" to 29" long in 0.01" increments with no content restrictions. Alpha and/or numeric information can be automatically incremented or decremented as single or multiple markers. Up to 2 simultaneous sequences per marker file can be created.
Individual marker length can be set by the user to minimize tubing waste. The software automatically determines the number of characters and lines in a marker based upon tubing size and length plus font and point size set by the user.

Toll Free: 800.746.7655Fax: 949.699.1642Email: sales@cablemarkers.com