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Cable Tie Mounting Bases

Cable Tie Mounting BasesOur 4-way mounting bases are available in four sizes to accommodate T18 through T150 series cable ties. Insertion of ties can be made from all four sides. Each mount may be secured with two screws (four screws for the MB2.5 mount), with adhesive backing, or both, for ease of application and stability.

For applications where higher temperatures, certain chemicals, or UV radiation are a concern and an adhesive is the preferred method for securing, the acrylic adhesive 4-way mounting bases are recommended. The 2-way mounting bases may be secured with one screw, with adhesive backing, or both, and allow ties to be inserted from two sides.

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cable tie mountsCable Tie Mounts

The Cable Tie Mount series is designed to provide stability to wire bundles. These mounts can accommodated miniature, intermediate, or standard cross-section cable ties. Each mount is secured with a single screw. Standard color: white.

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Masonry Mounts

masonry cable tie mountsMasonry mounts provide a permanent method of attaching wire and cable to masonry surfaces. Our masonry mounts simply tap into pre-drilled holes and can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. Standard color: black.

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low profile cable tie mountsLow Profile Cable Tie Mounts

Low profile mounts are intended for use in securing bundles where space is limited. Each mount is fastened with a single screw. Standard color: white.

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Low Profile Rivet Mounts

low profile rivet cable tie mountsThe low profile rivet mount is designed to secure wiring bundles and fastens with the drive rivet through a pre-drilled hole. This mount is ideal for use in applications where space is limited. Standard color: natural.

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cable tie push mountsPush Mounts

Intended for use in a pre-drilled hole, this push mount accepts T18 though T50 series cable ties. Once inserted through the hole, the mount locks into place. Standard color: white.

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Push Button Mounts

cable tie push button mountsThe push button mounts are used where the back of the panel is accessible. Standard color: white.

zip tie push button mounts
cable tie anchor mountsCable Tie Anchor Mounts

Cable ties may be inserted from any of the four sides of the cable tie anchor mount. This feature allows the mount to be placed either parallel or perpendicular to the wires. Standard color: white.

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Cable Tie Anchor Plates

cable tie anchor platesThese plates have slotted mounting holes to provide for easier alignment of mount and bundles. Once aligned, they are fastened securely by tightening the applied screw. The CTAP2 allows and additional screw for maximum stability. Both plates are used perpendicular to the wire bundle. Standard color: white.

zip tie anchor plates
cable tie mounting platesCable Tie Mounting Plates

Military specification plates are designed for securing closely spaced cable and wire bundles. They can be used with through T120 series cable ties and are fastened with screws. Standard color: natural.

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Lashing Tie Mounts

cable tie lashing mountThe lashing tie mount is designed to snap into the T250 lashing tie. The tie head is assembled perpendicular to the mount. The strap assumes a position parallel to the mount when inserted into the head. The lashing tie mount is recommended for indoor or outdoor wall mount cable tie applications. Manufactured from UV stabilized nylon 6/6, the lashing tie mount has a flame rating of 94V-2. Standard color: black.

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velcro tie mountsGrip Tie Mounts

To secure bundles to flat surfaces, Cable Markers Company offers a mounting base to be used with our Grip Ties. Available with or without adhesive, two sizes of Grip Tie Mounts cover every size of Grip Tie.

The mounts are manufactured from Nylon 6/6 material and are UV-stabilized for outdoor applications.

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