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TTM430 Thermal Transfer Printer

The TTM430 thermal transfer printer is ideal for medium to large volume users looking for an easy to use and extremely functional thermal transfer printer. The TTM430 prints to a wide variety of materials including all of our labels and ShrinkTrak. An optional cutter can cut all of our materials per label, or by the batch. The TTM430 is also both ethernet and wireless network ready, which gives the user options on placing the unit independent of the host computer. While on a network, the TTM430’s status monitor (included in the driver) will alert users if the printer is out of ribbon and at the end of labels. The printer can even email the user if any of these activities occurs. Used along with TagPrintPro 3.0, the TTM430 will offer error free printing and seamless operations.

Product Features
• 300 dpi thermal transfer pringhead
• Print speed up to 7.87" / second
• Straight through design allows easy loading of ribbon and labels (Labels are held in an interchangeable media hub
• Larger spools or fanfold material can be fed through the back of printer
• 64mb memory/8mb flash
• Easy to use operations and status panel
• Two adjustable gap and felfex sensors
• Lightweight/minimal foot print
• Optional cutter face platge allows labels and ShrinkTrak to be cut off after printing
• Printer status screen with date, time, network, status, head temp. and ribbon amount

• Prints on ShrinkTrak, continuous vinyl rolls, foam
nameplate markers, adhesive labels, TipTags and
self laminating labels
• Uses standard 1" core ribbons:
• Maximum print width - 4.25" (108 mm)
• Minimum print width - .24" (6 mm)
• Cutter (per label, per batch) optional
• Highly accurate sensor

• Serial/USB 1.1, 2.0
• Ethernet 10/100 Base T - Interface with TCP/IP protocol. Static or Dynamic IP
• Wireless - 802.11 b/g (optional wireless card only)
• Compact flash card reader (not needed for printing)
• USB printer ports (not needed for printing)

Labels for TTM430 Printer  

Blank Thermal Transfer Labels

Self-Lam Thermal Transfer Labels

ShrinkTrak Thermal Transfer Labels


• Beginners can use the built-in design wizard to step through the entire label design process.

• TagPrint Pro allows the user to place graphics, text, bar codes, and lines anywhere on the label.

• All our marker sizes are loaded in the software for easy design and printing.

TagPrintPro 3.0 Software

we accept credit cards
Toll Free: 800.746.7655Fax: 949.699.1642Email: sales@cablemarkers.com